1983 Jeep CJ7


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Iconic 4 X 4 Jeep Heritage

Convertible fun with off road capability

Straight 6 motor

Aftermarket lift with Skyjacker shocks

Front and Rear lighting

Aggressive Mud Tires 


Many of our photos were taken at the Dallas Love Field Frontiers of Flight Museum, located only minutes from Texas Classic Cars of Dallas' showroom. The "Jeep  CJ", a civilian version of Americas workhorse, the famous Willy's Military Jeep from World War 2.

This 4 wheel is perfect for the ranch and trips down to the coast to visit the beach. With its rugged looks and design, it will handle much more than many other SUV's.

Originally a dull green body with "Sand Witch" painted on the side, the CJ came to us in un-restored condition. We sold it to the current owner and he began the restoration. It was painted this great metallic blue and the interior was detailed and cleaned. The seats still need reupholstering, but all in all the Jeep is in good condition.

No matter which angle you look at it, its rugged looks are timeless. We don't have to say much about a Jeep. If you are an enthusiast, you love them for what they are, a rugged reliable fun vehicle that will last you for many years. There is no top other than the bikini top. 

The undercarriage looks solid, with no sign of rust that we could see.