1979 Mercedes Benz


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3.0 L Diesel Engine 

80 hp 

Power windows

Dark brown interior/wood grained dash

Automatic transmission

2 door 

Real wheel drive

One Family Car


This beautiful Mercedes was the third year of the new “W123” platform/chassis. There were some differences that had not been seen in the past, but the company wanted to model its new cars based off their S-class styling. One of the key features about this Coupe is that in fact it is diesel powered. There was not a turbo introduced until 1981, but the power is more than enough to get you where you need to go.

The exterior is classic Mercedes at its best. The new, larger front bumper corrals the headlights in one sleek style as you take in all the bodylines of the car. 

One of the new exterior features is the chrome molding that completely wraps around the front and rear windows on each side as one solid piece.  More chrome trim runs along the entire side of the body as it swoops into the big rear bumper.  

All the original “300CD” and “Diesel” emblems are still in tact letting other know you have something truly special.  The chrome hubcap wheels really catch your attention with the addition of a large Mercedes Benz logo in the middle.

The interior is truly where Mercedes loves to flex its muscles. Other manufactures like Cadillac pride themselves as being the first name in luxury. Mercedes was never one to be out performed. The style and beauty inside the cockpit of this 300 would have blow you away in 1979. Even in todays times, its really a sight to see how all the interior components are still in the luxurious condition they are in. 

Leather bucket seats with a bench in the rear could easily hold 4-5 people at one time. Fully integrated gauges located in the dash are very easy to read and still in perfect working condition. Wood grain trim covers the dashboard and its components to add to the stylish beauty you knew you would get from a Mercedes. The factory 3-speed automatic transmission made driving this 300CD a walk in the park. Most of the features are powered, including the windows and locks. 

Diesel engines were not as popular back then as they are today. Now they are seen as superior in fuel efficiency once you put “hybrids” aside. The 300CD was a small step up from the base 230 models, but all those differences is what really attracted the buyers. 

This car is believed to be completely original and has never been modified in any way besides performing routine maintenance. The iconic power plant behind this engineering marvel is a 3.0l inline-5 cylinder diesel engine, which produced around 80HP. 

That might seem low, but that is not what diesels are known for. The torque is the catcher, at 115ft. lbs., this diesel like all other diesel engines has the torque higher than the horsepower.  This will allow for easily moving from a dead stop and keeps just enough power to maintain speed.  

The undercarriage appears solid. You will see more shots of it in the slide show.