1977 Ford Bronco Ranger


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Ranger Package - Factory Paint Scheme Restored

Factory Interior - Excellent Original Blue

White Hardtop

Factory Air Conditioning (ARA)

AM/FM Stereo & CB

Power Front Disc Brakes

Power Steering

15-Inch Wheels & Michelin MTX Radials x 5 (235/75R15s)

Rear-Mounted Spare Tire/Wheel & Tire Cover

302 cubic inch 2bbl. V8

3-Speed Automatic Transmission

4-Wheel-Drive Hi & Lo

9-Inch Ford Rear Differential

Original Trim Identification Plate & Owner's Manual

Electric Winch & Removable Top Hitch Setup


Ford's 1977 Bronco would be the last of the 1st generation Bronco's and is regarded by many enthusiasts as the best. This revered status was warranted. The '77 model was the best of the breed in many ways. The major change was the introduction of the stout 9-inch rear end.housing. There were few visual distinctions from previous years. A plastic 14.4 gallon fuel tank & auxiliary 8 gallon tank are utilized. This particular Bronco is one of the BEST 1st generation original and correct Bronco's you will find anywhere. This is a 3-owner vehicle. This example maintains the original upholstery throughout. This Bronco drives excellent and displays all original sheetmetal with a refinish of the original paint color scheme, complete down to the tape stripes. The restoration work and maintenance was completed here in Texas. The 302 cubic inch 2bbl. V8 is paired with the 3-speed automatic. Driver comfort and safety features include power steering, power front disc brakes, and air conditioning. This is a Bronco to be proud of and the last of the great original Broncos.

The Dallas Love Field is the location for many of our photos of this outstanding collector quality 1977 Ford Bronco. Be sure to visit the Flight Museum if you find yourself in Dallas, Texas. The exterior displays all original sheetmetal with one professional repaint of the factory color scheme. This is the correct finish for this Bronco down to the pinstriping. The paint and body are in excellent condition as is the hardtop. It is becoming increasingly hard to find an early Bronco that has not been cut or modified. This is your opportunity to own one of the rare survivors.

The doors, door undersides, door sills, rocker panels, inner fenders, and fender lips are in excellent condition. The is a dry climate Bronco and it shows. The bumpers are excellent front to back. This Bronco is equipped with a tow hitch and removable setup. Open the doors to 1977. This interior is original and in excellent condition. During the paint restoration, the windows were professionally tinted and this greatly helps protect the vintage cloth & vinyl upholstery. The original steering wheel is in excellent condition. The under-dash air conditioning system is by ARA, a dealer-installed (factory) option.

The dash displays all original gauges. This Bronco is also equipped with an AM/FM stereo & CB radio. The upholstery is in exceptional condition front to back as are the seat belts. Remember this Bronco is nearly 40 years old. WOW. The carpeting is clean and detailed. The dash paint shows well. This little Bronco is just in great condition all over. The original identification plate is intact and in excellent condition. Under the hood is the factory 302 cubic inch 2bbl. V8. This is strong, smooth powerplant and is paired with the factory 3-speed automatic transmission

The engine compartment also displays original sheetmetal and factory components throughout. The firewall, inner fenders, and core support metal is in excellent condition. The factory breather assembly is intact along with the original valve covers, exhaust manifolds, carburetor, etc. The 1977 Bronco is one of the most friendly to drive, complete with power steering and power front disc brakes. You can drive this Bronco anywhere in comfort and style.

An X3 Super Winch was installed and is there for looks. This is a garage-kept and cared for Bronco, never abused. The wheels wear 235/75R15 Michelin MTX radials on all 4 corners, along with a matching spare tire/wheel. The undercarriage is original and intact throughout. The frame is straight and clean. This is a dry climate Bronco and it shows. The underbody is un-detailed and shows well. 1977 would be the 1st year Ford put the stout 9-inch differential housing underneath the Bronco. The differentials appear original front to back. The 4x4 system works as it should. The composite fuel tank was also a 1977 feature, a 1st for the Bronco. The exhaust system sounds excellent. Be sure to play our video of this classic Bronco in action. The door panels are in excellent condition and the door undersides are solid. The original door identification decal is also in place.