1976 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe Truck


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350 cubic inch 4bbl. Engine - Original Rebuilt Rochester 4bbl. caburetor, recent tune & water pump 

Turbo Hydramatic 3-Speed Automatic Transmission

Dual Fuel Tanks

Power Brakes

Power Steering


Rosedale Red Paint

Red Vinyl / Cloth Bench Seating

Sliding Rear Window

Rubber Mat Flooring

Chromed Front Bumper

Soft-Ray Tinted Side Glass

Factory Jacking Equipment

Removable Plastic Bed Liner - Rugged Lines

Dual Factory Side Mirrors

AM/FM Stereo & Original Stereo Included

Firestone Transformer H/T Radials x 4 / Original Steel Wheels & Beauty Caps (9.5R16.15LT x 4)

Original Identification Plates / Decals / Glovebox I.D. Decal


Texas Classic Cars of Dallas is proud to present this great old '76 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe 4-Wheel Drive pickup truck. This truck showcases original paint, interior, and driveline and is a virtual time capsule. Check out the owner's detained description posted below and we hope you enjoy our extensive presentation. 

From the Owner's Desk :

" Barn Find is an over-used term, but just look at the photos! Original 350 V8, TH350 Automatic, Original Paint and Original Interior. NO RUST. This pickup was sold new and spent most of its' life in Oregon.  That is where I purchased it.  A dealer found it there in a garage, covered up and neglected.  It had all kinds of junk stored in the bed.  The original owner traded it in, and the new car dealer did not want a vehicle that old.  A VERY reputable classic car dealer bought the truck, cleaned it up, detailed it, used paint-less dent repair on some small dents, and proceeded to drive it a bit for the better part of a year. I bought it from him this Spring.  I drove it from Scottsdale to Colorado! I used in in Colorado this Summer and then drove it from Colorado to Dallas!  It runs great! 

The particulars: Original 350 Chevrolet V8 with Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor that has been re-built. Original exhaust manifolds, heat riser and Air Cleaner Assembly.  Jack is properly stored under the hood.  I noticed a small amount of water on the water pump weep hole, and my mechanic suggested I replace the water pump.  So I did.  I also replaced all four shocks, as I could see the rear shocks were leaking fluid.  They were original Bendix marked shocks, and I replaced them with new Monroe Gas Magnums.  All stickers present on Air cleaner, inner fenders, glove box and door jam.  It even has an oil change sticker on the inner side of the door dated 1980.  Has what appears to be an original bias ply tire mounted on the spare! (see photo).  Absolute time capsule. Interior has NO rips or tears. Paint is wonderful.  Small cracks in paint on front of the hood.  Has Power Steering, Power Brakes, and Dual Fuel Tanks. Engine runs great! Strong oil pressure, runs VERY cool. Transmission shifts PERFECTLY.  It is almost undetectable when the shifts occur!  I changed the Oil, Oil Filter, spark plug wires, spark plugs, re-built the carburetor, and changed the Transmission filter fluid. New Fuel and air filters.  Runs great!  I have driven this truck on the interstate.  It is road worthy and ready to go.  Fly in, drive it home.  The exhaust system is quiet, per factory specifications, BUT it has dual exhaust vs. the factory system.  The previous owner simply put duals on the truck as the single exhaust had decayed over time, and it was cheaper to go back with duals than to build a new crossover piece at his local shop.  Standard 16.5" wheels with the correct Chevrolet Hubcaps and almost new Firestone "16.5x9.5" Radial tires.  There are two sets of wheels, (total of 9 rims and 8 tires) all 16.5", as the original owner used Summer and Winter tires.  I have 4 wheels on the truck with nearly new tires, a spare with a bias ply tire in the spare carrier, three more wheels with bias ply tires mounted, and the last wheel has no tire mounted. There is an aftermarket AM /FM radio in the truck now, but the dash was NOT modified in any way what so ever, and I HAVE the original GM AM radio.  I was going to put it back in, but AM / FM sure beats AM!  Original windshield with the antenna in the glass.  EVERYTHING works, save the fuel gauge which has a common gremlin to these dual tank systems.  I am having that checked now.  Truck runs and drives out perfectly, but remember these things ride bouncy if you have nothing in the bed being a 3/4 ton.  4x4 system shifts from floor mounted shifter, and works great! There is a plastic bedliner in the truck.  I was going to remove it, as I hate them.  BUT this one does have a textured surface that helps things from moving around, so it was better than nothing and I left it in there.  There were also diamond plate caps on both bed rails and I removed them, as I hated the look.  There are a few small paint scratches where the caps were in place.  That could be touched up, along with the cracked paint on the front of the hood.  This is a VERY special old truck, that should give years of service.  Parts are EASY, as many were the same from 1973-1987 when this style was in place at Chevrolet (many items changed also, but parts are in very good supply for most things on this vehicle).  No one can guess as to values in the future, but if I were guessing, if you take care of this truck, it should be worth your purchase price for several years.  People love old trucks, NOTHING beats an original like this. Why am I selling it then?  I simply do not have anywhere to keep it, and I am currently building a new garage. "

The Dallas Love Field Frontiers of Flight Museum is the location for many of our photos of this classic Chevrolet truck. Be sure to visit the Flight Museum if you find yourself in Dallas, Texas. The chromed front bumper shows very well as does the Rosedale red finish. There are only some minor paint flaws, notably some cracking on the front edge of the hood you have to look for. The exterior displays what is believed to be the all original Rosedale Red solid color throughout. The body is just excellent. This truck was seldom used. Under the hood is the factory optioned 350 cubic inch 4bbl. V8, rated at 165 hosepower. This powerplant is original with recent maintenance done including the Rochester carburetor rebuilt and water pump replaced..

Here's a fun fact, 1976 would be last year for Chevrolet Orange engines. Further inspection of this engine compartment will reveal the factory jack mounted in its correct location along with factory components throughout, including the breather. Factory decals are intact throughout as is the amazing original sheetmetal throughout the firewall, inner fenders and core support. Open the doors to 1976, this truck is a virtual time capsule. The interior is all original. Check out the beautiful vinyl & cloth bench seating. The mileage is said to be original and we believe it judging by the back story and condition of this truck. We can't guarantee mileage on a classic vehicle. The dash and instruments are original. The factory Delco radio has been professionally replaced by an updated AM/FM stereo, however we do have the original radio.

The sliding back window works as it should. The bed features a protective plastic liner in good shape, protecting the original bed sheetmetal. The undercarriage is a further testament to the low mileage showing on this truck. The frame and flooring is in excellent condition. Keeping in mind this truck was stored indoors for years and years, it also helps that '76 was a year that Chevrolet used a zinc rich primer to further aid in rust prevention. The spare tire/wheel is also in place. The factory jack is in its original location, under the hood. Originally a single exhaust, a custom dual exhaust system was installed and sounds excellent. The shocks have also been replaced. A lot of the original zinc rich factory primer can still be seen throughout the underbody.

The original side mirrors are intact. These are often removed, but not on this truck. You just don't find these 3/4 ton pickup trucks in this kind of condition. These trucks were bought to work and they did it very well. This is a heavy duty truck that will provide someone with many years of pleasure on the street, on the farm, or in a special collection. Fortunately, parts are readily available for this model. We hope you enjoyed the presentation of this Chevy K-20 pickup truck. Again, you are welcomed and encouraged to contact