1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396


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396/375HP "High Perf" L-89 Engine - Winter's Casting Aluminum Cylinder Heads - Winters Aluminum Intake - Holley 4bbl. Carburetor - 11:1 Compression - Solid Lifters - Forged Internals - Engine Stamping T0207JJ

X-22 Style Trim Group - SS396

Muncie 4-Speed Manual Transmission - HURST Shifter

10/10 Tuxedo Black Exterior

727 Ivory White Interior - Headrest Bucket Seating - Center Console & Gauges

12-Bolt Posi-Traction Rear End

Power Front Disc Brakes

Hide-Away Headlamps

Wheel Well Brightwork

12-Bolt Differential - G80 Posi-Traction

15-inch Rally Wheels & Goodyear Wide Tread GT Poly-Bias Tires (E70-15s) & matching spare


Texas Classic Cars of Dallas is proud to showcase this 1969 Chevy Camaro L-89 SS396 Coupe. The L-89 Camaro's were out-fitted with the top-tier production powerplant, the 396/375HP engine. This special engine option would set buyers back $710.95. Only 311 buyers opted for this option. This '69 Camaro features this extremely rare option and showcases an incredible restoration to original. The exterior wears its Tuxedo black paint in exquisite fashion while the interior is dressed in Ivory White, detailed with bucket seating and a center console with the gauge package. A factory tachometer resides in the dash. Under the hood, the factory-optioned "JJ" suffix L-89 396/375 aluminum-head V8 is detailed with correct components throughout including the Winter's casted aluminum heads, aluminum intake, and Holley carburetor. Correct type clamps and markings are utilized throughout the engine compartment. The undercarriage is also detailed accordingly, well-restored. Be sure to play our special video of this L-89 Camaro on the street and up-close. 

One could order Chevrolet's Camaro with a plethora of engine options in 1969. The lower rung of the ladder was the economical 155 horsepower 230 cube inline six and reaching to the stratosphere (figuratively speaking) was the 427 big block rated at 425 horsepower. Alas, one could only order the 427 mill special, through the Central Office Production Order (COPO). The top production engine was the 375 horsepower L-89. With nearly identical specs. to the L-78 396, what set's the L-89 396 apart are special Winter's casted cylinder heads. These special castings retain the excellent flow characteristics and large rectangle intake & exhaust ports of the iron castings, but with a substantial weight savings. This weight savings made these cars very popular in NHRA drag racing. Again, only 311 buyers opted for the top production L-89 engine. It is unknown how many survive today.

This is a stunning Camaro. The exterior paint and body are in very, very good to excellent condition throughout. This car wears the correct Tuxedo black on black finish with the fenders wearing white hockey stripes. The interior is very tasteful factory-optioned Ivory White vinyl. Fly Low or Fly High, many of our photos of this special L-89 Camaro Super Sport were taken at the Dallas Love Field Frontiers of Flight Museum. This historic museum is located only minutes from Texas Classic Cars of Dallas' showroom. Be sure to visit the museum if you find yourself in Dallas, Texas.

The 15-inch Rally Wheels wear period-correct Goodyear Wide Tread GT E70-15 poly-bias tires front & back and a matching trunk spare. The braking system consists of power front disc brakes & rear drums. Further inspection of the engine compartment will reveal much attention to detail spent throughout, including on the 396/375HP L-89 engine. OEM-type clamps and GM marked coolant hoses are utilized along with replicated grease pen markings. The correct Holley 4bbl. carburetor sits atop the correct Winter's casted aluminum intake manifold. The cylinder heads are the major player in the L-89 option. These heads make for an over 50lb. weight savings from the L-78 iron heads while retaining their excellent flow characteristics. This engine was grossly under-rated from GM at 375 horsepower. Keep in mind this is basically the same engine as the '65-66 L-78 option 396 (425HP)

The engine is painted in GM Orange. The cylinder head casting marks are clearly visable both right and left. You couldn't order an L-78 or an L-89 Camaro with air conditioning to the high-revving nature of the solid-lifter valvetrain 396/375HP. This example is equipped with power front disc brakes and power steering, a very drivable car when desired. Be sure you play our video of this Camaro on the street. The original trim identification plate is intact and legible. This car wears the X-22 (SS396) style group and is a Norwood built example. It was ordered in Tuxedo Black with Ivory White interior. 02D was the production date of February, 4th week of the month.

The Ivory interior is just beautiful. This really is a lot of car to take in. The upholstery is correct and beautifully detailed front to back. These headrest seats are paired with the center console & gauge option. The dash houses the factory tachometer. The undercarriage further showcases the quality restoration and condition of this special '69 Camaro. The subframe and suspension was disassembled and rebuilt front to back. All rubber mounts and seals have been replaced throughout this car. The stamping on the transmission and shifting plate authenticate the transmission as period correct. The shifter plate serial number is 00354497 and the transmission serial number is 3885016-GMCorp and patent pending number #3088336. The bell housing serial number is 3858403. The suggested manufacturer gear ratios are 1st-2.52, 2nd-1.88, 3rd-1.46, 4th-1:1 and reverse 2.59

The transmission is finished in gun-metal gray, as is the drive shaft. There is no evidence of repair work or welding on the frame sections, floor pans, or cross members. Moreover, the wheel houses have been sealed at the joints before welding and mounting the quarter panels. No shims or spacers were used in the merger of the wheel houses to the fender, front or rear. The 12-bolt differential is serial number 3969341 and the gear cover plate is stamped 12845. The rear springs have a replacement wrap-decal "BK 3955740" Both the transmission and differential numbers match 1969 GM production numbers. The trunk has been restored to original, finished in speckled paint and fitted with a reproduction mat. The correct spare tire/wheel and jacking equipment are in place. Reproduction decals are also utilized on the deck lid.

The last of the 1st generation Camaro's, the 1969 model was back and in a big way. Brand new sheetmetal design front to back gave the Camaro a low, menacing and aggressive look. This take-no-prisoner's appeal was accentuated with the Super Sport package and hide-away headlamps. This car also features the white hockey stripes along either fender. These simulated stacks or planter box hood was another aggressive feature of the Super Sport package.