1965 Chevrolet Corvette 396/425 HP


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L-78 396 cubic inch / 425 horsepower Big Block V8 - 1st year big block Corvette & the only year for the 396 in Chevrolet's Corvette - Original #'s Match T0513IF - 5119395 Stampings

M20 Muncie 4-Speed Manual Transmission - Original #'s Match - VIN Stamping

15-Inch Cast Aluminum Kelsey Hayes Knock-Off Wheels - True K.H. wheels / B.F. Goodrich Silvertown Goldline Tires @ 7.75-15 x 4

3.55 Posi-Traction Differential - Believed Factory Original

F-40 Special Heavy Duty Suspension 

4-Wheel-Disc Brakes 

Teakwood Steering Wheel

Delco AM/FM Radio

Goldwood Yellow Paint - Only Offered in 1965

Black Convertible Soft Top


The top-tier engine for 1965s Corvette was the L-78 396 cubic inch 4bbl. V8, rated at 425 horsepower. This option would set you back an additional $292.00. There were only 2,157 built with this engine option. This car is one of those, still powered by its number's matching original 396. This car was also ordered in Goldwood Yellow. Only 1,275 of all Corvettes were ordered in Goldwood Yellow in 1965, the only year this color was offered.

Creature comforts are few with this Corvette. Under the hood you'll find the 396/425HP engine and little else. The engine compartment is correct, complete with its ignition shielding, black breather, and Harrison overflow tank for the radiator. The exhaust system features the correct iron manifolds. The fuel filter is correct as are various small engine components. Induction is courtesy of the correct Winter's casted aluminum intake & Holley double pumper 4bbl. carburetor. Be sure to play our video of this Corvette 396 in action.

The engine stampings are clear and correct for this Corvette, matching the VIN and confirming this to be the high performance 396/425HP(+). The transmission also displays the factory VIN stamping, confirming it to be original to this car.  The Kelsey-Hayes wheels are originals, not reproduction units. Check out the original K.H. casting marks shown above. The exterior showcases a beautiful finish in this Corvette's correct Goldwood Yellow paint. The body fit  and finish is excellent throughout this car.

The headlamps are functional. This is your opportunity to own a collector quality number's matching '65 Corvette 396. Further inspection of the engine compartment will reveal this Corvette to be in excellent condition. The restoration efforts focused on originality. Several of the grease pen markings were also replicated. This car will do well at larger Corvette shows and is ready for NCRS judging. Open the doors to 1965. The interior is in excellent condition. The upholstery is clean and detailed as is the dash, door panels, and carpeting. Note the high RPM tachometer redline. The 396 solid-lift engine is a screamer. The 396 engine in race configuration dominated NASCAR during the time period.

The original trim & vin identification plates are in place. This Corvette is optioned with the Teakwood wheel & AM/FM Delco radio. This Corvette features the F-40 heavy duty suspension. The undercarriage is in excellent conditon. This car was completely restored and it shows. The differential stamping is also clear, believed to be the original differential for this Corvette. The black convertible soft top is in excellent condition. The carpeted rear interior area is also in excellent condition.