1962 Chevy Nova II 400 SS


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406  ci Small Block 

850 Demon carburator 

T400 transmission with trans brake (not hooked)

Ford 9" Rear - Narrowed

Hardened Axles 

4 Wheel Disk Brakes 

Rack and Pinion Steering 

Griffin Aluminum Radiator

Coil overs all around

Competition rear end with 488 gears 

Much much more


This 1962 Chevrolet Nova is sure is a little car that carries the proverbial big stick. With an usual look on the outside but a very frightening engine under the hood this car will be the perfect one for those looking for a fun way to spend the weekends. Texas Classic Cars of Dallas is proud to present this 1962 Chevrolet Nova. Some may think that the trick to building a street brawler is keeping it low key, but the owner of this Nova had in mind everything but low key. 

The exterior is showcased with a red paint and white stripes. Not detailed to show standards but it still looks good on the streets when you stop anywhere. There is a nice mix between old details and newer ones, the shiny chrome around the car looks original. If you are looking to hit the roads hard, this car is what you would be looking for, a lighter weight car and a powerful engine is all you need. The original Nova body has very little modification. 

On the interior, we have a much different car than what we see on the outside. Starting with the 12-point roll cage, and continuing to the  firewall, floors and trunk floor that are all aluminum and fastened with Dzus quick release fasteners for easy removal, you have a bare bones car.  The interior is definitely bare bones, but this car is not made for comfort, it was built for speed.

Believe it or not, this little Nova is street legal except for not having a horn or wipers. All of the work was completed approximately one year ago. The car has never been taken to the track. Actually, the shop that built it is only 3 miles from our shop, and the owner drove it to us to sell. There are very few road miles on the car.

The engine is a 406 ci small block and thanks to the Nova’s light weight it gives an impressive performance. May not be a great car to drive everyday but it sure is one to drive when you want to feel some adrenaline. The 406 has flat top pistons and a roller valve train.  The Griffin aluminum radiator  has a custom fabricated core support.

Chevy orange gives it a nice look, and aluminum all around the engine as well. 850 Demon carburetor, competition rear end with 488 gears, ladder bar rear suspension, coil overs all around and a 4 wheel disk brakes. There is a Chassis Works front clip suspension, and full boxed tube chassis and ladder bar rear suspension.