1959 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Convertible

   1959 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Convertible


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The 1959 Ninety-Eight Olds was powered by the increased displacement 394 cubic inch 4bbl. V8 rated at 315 horsepower. This "Rocket V8" provided plenty of power and was the largest of the 1st generation Rocket engines. This original engine is rebuilt with new pistons, cam bearings, rod bearings, main bearings, freshly turned crank and bored cylinders, replaced cam and lifters, replaced oil pump, water pump, and fuel pump. The starter is rebuilt. The carburetor has been rebuilt & the fuel tank was flushed, cleaned, and sealed. The radiator has been rebuilt & new hoses installed. The power steering was fitted with new hoses & the power steering gear rebuilt. An extensive suspension rebuild was also performed. This includes all shocks replaced, new sway bar bushings, replaced tie rod ends, new rear spring bushings, and a front end alignment. The brake system has been rebuilt. All wheel bearings have been replaced. This car has been lovingly and professionally maintained. 

This example has been shown and driven regularly, always kept garaged. This is one that can be driven with confidence and shown, it is entirely road worthy and currently inspected in Texas.

The brightwork of the Olds '98 Convertible is unmistakable.

This '59 showcases exceptional, very rare, and complete stainless trim throughout.

The 1959 Ninety-Eight Series rode on a 126.3 inch wheelbase. This car is equipped with the original 14-inch steel wheels & spinner hubcaps. The B.F. Goodrich Whitewall Tires are sized at 9.0-14s

The 98 Series featured an impressive list of standard features including an Electric Clock, power steering, power brakes, and a 'Jetaway' Hydra-matic automatic transmission. The Jetaway transmission was considered to be one of the smoothest transmissions availalable. The fluid utilizied in those days contained whale oil, and was a major contributor to the effortless shifts reported by owners. Red dye didn't start to appear in transmission fluid until the early 60's. 

This special aluminum applique below the tail lights featured O L D S M O B I L E, prominent lettering for a prominent automobile.

The Tri-Tone Leather Interior was an exclusive feature of these beautiful Oldsmobiles. This car is optioned with the power seat.

This example is also equipped with optional Power Windows, Oldsmobile Wonderbar Radio and Power Antenna.

The instruments showcase working factory gauges, including the 'Safety Sentinel' Speedometer. From 0-35 mph the speedometer is green, from 36-65 it turns orange, and from 65 on, it's red, a very fun & original feature. Be sure to play our video clip at the beginning of the presentation to see the power amenities functioning, including the Safety Sentinel Speedometer.

In support of recent safety innovations in the late 50's, Oldsmobile's steering wheel featured this ' Safety Vee' design to protect the driver in the event of a collision. Equipped with factory power steering Oldsmobile coined "Roto-Matic" it drives great. The Power Steering system has been rebuilt. The front end features recent components and a professional alignment.


This Olds 98 is equipped with Power Brakes. These 'Air Scoop' Brakes consist of front & rear 11 inch drums. The brakes stop straight and true. All wheel cylinders have been rebuilt. The brake hoses have been replaced and brake shoes replaced.


The door panel's were an intricate and attractive design on Oldsmobile's Flagship 98. They featured an integrated reflector in the armrests as well as nylon/rayon carpeting inserts, all of this complimented with stainless and contrasting colored materials. In this case, black, white, and red to match the Tri-Color Red/White/Black Leather upholstery.


The 1959 Olds 98 Convertibles were lower & longer than their predecessors for a streamlined appearance. The fender skirts and lower rocker moldings only added to the low appearance. The 98 Series were approximately 7 inches longer than the previous model year.

The power top operates correct and is in very good condition, covered with a well-fitted convertible top boot when down.

The doors, hood, and trunk open and close correctly.

'E-Z Eye Safety Plate glass is in very good condition throughout. All of the power windows are working.

Further inspection of the engine compartment will confirm a number of things. The block is stamped with 4 1/8 indicating the "394" bore size. The block casting number is 574534. The block is also stamped with CFD. The intake manifold is stamped 573323 and the original trim tag is in place on the cowl. The engine firewall is exceptionally nice and detailed as are the inner fenderwells and core support. In front of the radiator, keen observers will note the optional bug screen.


The factory rated these engines at 315 horsepower @ 4600 rpm and 435 lbs-ft. of torque, impressive for the day and age. This car cruises down the highway with ease. The rear end is the highway friendly  and heavy duty 2.87:1 factory gear ratio.


The fuel fill is intergrated into the rear bumper with this hinged door.
The undercarriages features an exceptionally solid frame and floorboards.
The heavy duty X-frame welded steel framework is factory thick throughout.
The Rocket 394 V8's underside is clean as well.
The door undersides are solid and clean, these were typically rust prone areas in these cars. 
The body is exceptionally straight throughout. The paint shows well, with minor flaws on close inspection.
Again, you are welcomed and encouraged to contact Dave at 214-213-7072 or Maris at 214-616-2317 for further details.


394 Rocket V8
Jetaway Automatic Transmission
Roto-Matic Power Steering
Air Scoop Power Brakes
Tri-Color Leather Interior
Oldsmobile Wonderbar Radio & Power Antenna
Power Windows
Power Seat
Power White Convertible Top & Boot
Fender Skirts
14-Inch Steel Wheels / Spinner Hubcaps
B.F. Goodrich Silvertown Whitewall Tires