1956 Buick Roadmaster


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In 1954 Buick Roadmaster and Super shared with Cadillac and Oldsmobile 98 the new General Motors
 C-body, adopting the new "ponton" appearance, and the addition of "Dagmar bumpers" to the front. Texas Calssic Cars Of Dallas is very happy to present this very nice example of a 1956 Buick Roadmaster, restored not too many years ago. These were large, roomy cars, as much as five and a half inches longer in wheelbase and more 
than nine inches (229 mm) longer overall than in 1953. Roadmaster script was found on the rear 
quarters and within the deck ornament. Rear fenders had a blunted fin at the rear edge, with dual
 "bullet" taillamps below.

The paint shows very well on the car, and the bumpers appear to have been rechromed during restoration.  A new panoramic windshield with vertical side pillars was used. Seats had chrome bands on 2-door models and rear seats had an armrest on 4-door models. The front suspension was refined and Roadmaster'shorsepower was increased to 200. The pillared coupe and the Estate wagon were no longer offered as body styles. Overall sales dropped to 50,600.

In 1955 broad lower rear fender bands, gold-colored Roadmaster deck script and hood ornament,
 bars on the hubcaps and gold-accented grille were added to distinguish Roadmaster. Horsepower 
jumped to 236, and a new variable-pitch Dynaflow, in which the stator blades changed pitch under
 hard acceleration, provided quicker off-the-line getaway. Back up lights were now standard. 
Overall sales were 64,500.

The Buick was purchased originally at one of the local Vandergriff dealerships here in Dallas, and still maintains it's original logo. In 1956 Roadmaster had a shallower Sweepspear that did not dip all the way to the rocker panel
 as on other models. Twin chrome strips graced the decklid with Roadmaster spelled out between 
them. Roadmaster script now appeared on the doors beneath the vent windows. Fender tip dual 
bombsights were standard. Two stator wheels were adopted as an improvement to Dynaflow. A brand 
new 4-door Riviera hardtop, proved to be the most popular Roadmaster, with 24,770 units sold and
 outselling the pillared sedan by more than two-to-one. Overall sales were 53,500. A padded dash 
became standard.

These great old Buicks were called Roadmonsters for a reason. The curb weight on one was 4400-4600 lbs. The interior was redone to be close to original, with some modifications. It is done in a nice combination of red and black. The speedometer is not working, as well as a few of the gauges.  These are all original gauges and the owner wanted to keep it that way. Most of these will need rebuilding or replacing.

Under the hood is the correct 322 ci Nailhead V-8 that was standard to the 56. We don't know if it's the original engine. It is connected to the 2 speed Dynaflow transmission.  The factory a/c is working. The undercarriage is solid and in very good condition. The suspension was rebuilt before the current owner purchased the car.