1955 Chevrolet BelAir


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265 V8 engine  163 hp

Powerglide Automatic transmission

Drum brakes

Rebuilt carb

New Exhaust System


This magnificent example of a classic car still to this day catches the eye of every car enthusiast around the world. Chevy was ready to become a serious contender in the luxury car market, all while still keeping the “hot rod” feel. This is the first generation that sported the iconic two-tone paint scheme in which these cars are known for. All new styling, performance and luxury were added to this generation Bel Air and it did not fail to please any future buyer from then until even this day. 

The exterior is really the attention getter of this beauty. The classic two-tone red and white paint job is beautifully accented with plenty of chrome trim allowing for no doubt that once behind the wheel of this car, you are to leave others in envy. 

Many of our photos were shot at the Frontiers Of Flight Museum located at the Dallas Love Field Airport just minutes from our showroom. Please visit this great museum when you are in Dallas.

 Both of the large front a rear bumpers state the chrome image as they did in 1955. The steel wheels were painted to match the car, and with the help of chrome full hubcaps and new white wall tires, you really get the feel like this car was built yesterday. 

The current owner of this gorgeous Bel Air, inherited it from his dad who had purchased the car in 1980. The car remained virtually untouched until 3 years ago when the current owner had it updated a bit. The brake system was completely reworked, the carburetor was rebuilt, the fuel tank was pulled and flushed as were the fuel lines.

All of the current suspension has been replaced with brand new factory shocks and springs. The control arms and bushing all were overhauled to help this car feel like its riding on air. 

Some might say that too much chrome will over take the true beauty of what the car is, but all the chrome from front to rear of this car,  only helps add to the beauty we as car guys have grown to love. 

The interior was by no means over looked in the design process. Chevy wanted to have the hot rod feel of the V8 engine, but also wanted to keep you as cozy as possible while you were out driving. 

Some of the other updates that were done in 2010 were cosmetic. The steering wheel was repainted, the door jams were repainted, new sill plates were installed, new decals were applied.

The front bench seat, rear seat, door panels, carpet and dashboard are all covered in material to match the red exterior of the car. You really would have to look very hard to find any flaw with this piece of automobile history, but most likely you will fail in doing so.  

Every bit of the components on the dashboard look as new as they did from the factory. The “Bel Air” logo and massive speedometer are embedded flawlessly and function perfectly. 

This chevy is equipped with a factory 265 cu. in. V8 engine, which was offered in two different options. The base model  is  installed in this car, which came with a single 2-barrel carb and produced about 163 HP.

More upgrades in 2010 include a new trunk mat, new spare tire, new weather stripping, a new tail light assembly, and so much more. We have receipts for over $15,000. in upgrades, mechanical as well as cosmetic. Just call to request a full rundown.

The total drivetrain has remained factory original. The engine was removed to receive a full tune-up, the carburetor has been rebuilt and the transmission has been fully serviced. Letting you know that the car is going to perform like the day it rolled off the show room floor.  

You really need to view this 55 in person to appreciate it. 

All new exhaust has replaced the factory system but is a direct replacement of factory specs. The current and previous owners knew this car was truly something special and didn’t not was to take away any of its stunning elegance by doing any modern day parts. The entire engine bay has been fully detailed to a “show car” like specification.

The undercarriage is in excellent condition.