1954 Airstream Travel Trailer    


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3 burner stove 





Sofa / Bed 


A trailer that's light on the hills and fast on the straightaway; a natural for those who want a lightweight trailer to go places. Back in the 1950's, camping was just as much an American pastime as baseball. Getting out to enjoy the great outdoors  to help relieve the problems of a stressful workweek was very popular. Texas Classic Cars of Dallas is proud to present this iconic 1954 Airstream Travel Trailer.  The Airstream is 18 feet in length covered with the iconic aluminum shell. To this day, the exterior of these production travel trailers is unmatched from a visual standpoint.

The Wanderer is the travel trailer for two, ideal for rough, back country travel, off the beaten track, where others rarely venture. Extremely light weight, sturdy and tough. Due to its rather short length; there is only a single axle equipped on the chassis. Giving you the opportunity to maneuver when backing up to the perfect position onto a campsite or putting away for storage. 

The front tongue jack allows for easy raising or lowering onto your trailer hitch or to level out once your spot is set. There is a single propane tank located up front, which is mainly used to heat the stove, oven and heater.

The interior is still  just as it was  back in 1954. The rear bed is plenty to accomodate a single person, or even a tight squeeze for a couple enjoying a long weekend together. The refrigerator is in working condition and still is intact. The oven is working but normal wear and tear over the years can be seen around the edges. 

The dinning area located at the front of the trailer can seat up to four comfortably with the luxury of a window that opens up to breathe fresh air while eating your  meals. Original wood trimming on countertops, drawers and all over the camper has been untouched. The Airstream interior was designed and famous for its arrangements that provide amazing roominess and better livability.

A heater is placed at the front of the trailer, to keep those chill nights very warm while enjoying that amazing weekend in the outside of the city. 

For those looking to have a piece of history while enjoying the great outdoor, this Airstream Wanderer is a great project to get your hands on and get those memories started and enjoy the freedom. 

The is nothing like to make you more comfortable when camping than this unique and iconic trailer. Come on down to Texas Classic Cars of Dallas and take a tour of this beauty, that could be the first of many more to come with this piece of history;  not in the state? no worries this pictures will speak for themselves.