1953 Chevrolet 3100 Series 5-Window Pickup


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Dottie is a 1953 Chevrolet 3100 Series Pickup Truck. This is no ordinary truck, Dottie was stored garaged and undisturbed in Pearland, Texas starting around 1974 until late 2013. Once she was pulled out of the garage, her basic needs were tended to once again. The gas tank was removed and flushed. The engine valve cover & side gaskets were replaced along with the oil pan gasket. The battery was replaced. Seat belts were installed. Door weatherstripping was replaced. The headliner was replaced along with the rubber floor mat. The speedometer cluster was removed and tended to along with the other original gauge cluster. Four new LT215/85/16 radial tires were installed all around. The radiator cap was replaced. The water pump was removed and rebuilt. Exhaust flange gaskets were replaced and a broken stud replaced in the exhaust manifold. A new choke cable has been installed. The window felt channels have been replaced. The door glass functions smooth for both driver and passenger. A broken vent hinge on the driver's door was repaired. A new grommet was installed at the starter. The dome light assembly was repaired (see video) along with the windshield wipers and distributor ( new vacuum advance installed). The horn and headlamps were made functional along with brake lighting. Of course, the braking system needed attending to. The brake master cylinder was replaced, lines inspected and items replaced as needed. A new battery box was installed. The gas neck grommet was replaced. The front and center bed cross sills were replaced. Quite a bit more basic maintenance was performed as well. We have a stack of receipts from 2013 and '14 detailing the work performed, much of it here at Texas Classic Cars of Dallas. We also have a few receipts from 1967 and 1968 found in the truck from Marabella's Garage in Alta Loma, Texas for additional work. Dottie drives out real sweet. Be sure to play our video. The 3-speed column shifter works excellent. The emergency brake works as well.

We took a nice cruise up to the Dallas Love Field Frontiers of Flight Museum for Dottie's close-ups. Be sure to visit the historic Flight Museum if you find yourself in Dallas, Texas. Its definitely worth a visit or 4. She's a real looker, beauty is in the eye of beholder! This old truck is just solid as a rock. The exterior showcases original sheetmetal throughout with the cancer at a minimum on this Texas truck. There is some rust through confined mostly around the tailgate. The cab and cab corners are solid, as is the undercarriage especially.

The interior features the original bench seat, likely re-upholstered at some time. The dash displays the original finish with the gauges removed and conditioned to work again. The original steering wheel just feels great in the hands. The horn was made to work again as well. This old truck is so much fun to drive. We really enjoyed doing the photos and video work on it. Under the hood is the 216 cubic-inch inline-6,  1953 was the last year for the 216 in Chevrolet trucks, the following year they stepped up to a 235. This engine was possibly rebuilt some time in the 1960s. It has recently has the oil pan, valve cover, and side gaskets replaced along with the distributor vacuum advance replaced. The throttle choke cable has been replaced. Much more maintenance has been performed as well.

Further inspection of the engine compartment will reveal more of the same, good solid original sheetmetal and components throughout. The firewall and core support are in excellent condition as are the inner fenderwells and hood underside. The hood lines up excellent with the fenders. The doors shut good and tight. They just don't build trucks like this anymore. This is some good old American steel right here. The bed is solid as are the bed side rails. The side windows were an option to improve visibility, known today as the 5-window Chevy trucks. The front end features the original grille and insert. The factory emblems are intact throughout. We believe the truck was originally solid in Alvin, Texas at Pearson Chevrolet.

The underbody is very solid throughout this '53 Chevy truck, down to the old spare tire/wheel. The original identification plate is in place and the title VIN matches the engine number, as it did in 55 and older Chevy cars and trucks.The two photos above show Dottie as she sat all those decades in the garage. We hope you enjoy our remaining photos. This is your opportunity to own a great old 1953 Chevrolet pickup truck. Although not a restored truck, this example possesses something that a lot of restored trucks just cannot duplicate, character and originality. View our 100% positive customer feedback and bid with 100% confidence.