1951 Ford F-5 Boom Truck


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Ford flat head V8

4 Speed manual transmission

Gas tank cleaned 

Rebuilt carburator 

6 Volt System ( 8 Volt Battery)

New tires


Big trucks like this 1951 Ford F5 remind us today that life was very different  in the 1950's. Most of the heavy lifting around town was handled by trucks very much like this one, designed to carry immense loads at modest speeds. Texas Classic Cars of Dallas is happy to present this 1951 Ford Custom F-5 Boom Truck.

 The Ford F series was excellent to transport heavy loads, and the fact that they still remain "handsome" does not hurt. Today they are still the fastest growing cars and trucks for collectors or car lovers. The current owner purchased the truck three years ago and had it restored to use for trade shows for his company.

It ended up being used only once and the owner then just parked it in his warehouse for a little over a year. He brought it to us to refresh and sell. We installed a mechanical fuel pump, new 8 volt battery for more starting ease, new plugs, and also a new master cylinder.

The paint is a modern interpretation of classics, a red with chrome in some parts and the grill protector that screams heavy duty work.  This F5 is every bit nice, a lot of smart upgrades that make it a more practical vehicle for those who really would put it to use.  It is  rust free, with a solid cab, fenders doors and hood. 

The interior is neatly trimmed with a red vinyl bench seat and painted metal with the same color as the exterior. The design is very simple but enough for those working people that would love to have this truck reemphasizing on the good lucks and the style of the Ford trucks.

The dash and doors have been all painted giving the interior a great contrast. Manual steering and drum brakes have been placed and are easy enough to manage, being a big vehicle it may take a bit to get used to it but it will not disappoint you. 

Notable details include the cab running lights, heavy duty two hooks up front, and a wood bed that can support any kind of heavy load.  The winch is completely operational. The mounting of four tires and muffler repair were some of the things we have done here. Fit and finish is appropriate to an original heavy duty truck, with doors that open and close easily, and hood that latches tight, and a very attention grabbing overall look.  

A Ford flat head V8 is in place as the engine for this big truck which displaces 239 cu in and makes around 100hp. The carburetor was also rebuilt and the truck runs great.