1921 Ford Model T Doctors Coupe 


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We want to thank Pat Ferguson and his friends from the Cowtown T and the Lonestar T clubs for coming by to help us get all 4 of our T's running and to give us a lesson on these great old cars. Thanks gentlemaen. This vintage Ford Model T, circa 1921, was photographed on location here at Texas Classic Cars of Dallas. The enclosed one-seat Model T with trunk was often referred to over the years as a Doctor's Coupe. This was for several reasons. One reason is a doctor needed to be available in all kinds of weather, the T was enclosed. The doctor's bag was easily placed in the trunk section. Besides all of this a Ford could get you anywhere, paved or not! A doctor needed this kind of durability in this Model T Coupe to make his house calls. So a "Doctor's Coupe" is more of a description than an actual model designation.

This car displays an older repaint of the original black along with Henry Ford steel throughout. All of the glass is intact, including the two-piece windshield. The upholstery has been restored in gray cloth and is in very good condition. This is a well-optioned Model T, complete with a speedometer & odometer assembly along with a hand brake. Under the hood panels is the vintage inline-4. This powerplant will run, it had old gas in it when it arrived in our showroom. We were able to get it started briefly. The engine compartment is in good condition. You can see many of the correct Ford components throughout.

The firewall is made of wood. Henry Ford was very smart and would often use his extra crating to create firewalls and other parts for the Model T assembly line. There were over 15,000,000 Model T's produced from 1908 until 1927. The undercarriage appears to be in good condition as well as the suspension, dusty from indoor storage. The trunk houses the custom fuel tank and room for a Doc's bag.